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LiteSpeed hosting

Do you need more hosting power? LiteSpeed hosting is your solution!

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Unsurpassed Performance with LiteSpeed

When you host your site on Litespeed hosting, your site works faster and supports more users visiting your site at the same time. Includes LiteSpeed Cache ⚡ and its integration with quic.cloud to increase its power. This is the fastest hosting service, so your web page loads instantly.

LS Mini

Ideal Optimized solution for beginners

  • 5 Websites
  • 5 Mysql Databases
  • 8GB NVMe Disk
  • 5 FTP Accounts
  • Cpanel included + LiteSpeed
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Anti DDoS Protection
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LS Large

Optimized for large business and CMS

  • 25 Websites
  • 25 Mysql Databases
  • 25 GB NVMe Disk
  • 25 FTP Accounts
  • Cpanel included + LiteSpeed
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Anti DDoS Protection
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Application Hosting Optimised for WordPress & more

Our web hosting platform has been fully optimised to offer outstanding performance for your web applications, delivering speeds of up to16x faster.

Technical specifications

  • CloudLinux + Operating System
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • LiteSpeed + LiteCache Web Server
  • MariaDB 10.3 Server (MySQL) + PhpMyAdmin
  • Bandwidth of 10 Gbit/s
  • Malware protection + Exploit scanner + weekly reports
  • Backups are stored every 12 hours for up to 2 months
  • PHP5, PHP7 and PHP8
  • elastic max_execution_time + memory_limit
  • Gzip + Brotli Compression
  • Image Processing GD + ImageMagick
  • ZendEncoder + IoncubeLoader
  • SSH enabled

LiteSpeed Hosting in the UK

Our servers are located in Europe, we use the best European IP addresses. We offer you 100% real hosting in Europe.

Custom Control Panel

Our intuitive control panel gives you admin access to all of your DreamHost products easily.

Real-Life Human Beings

Tech veterans, geeks, and nerds are all standing by to optimize your experience whether.

1-Click Installer

No need to dig into a bunch of documentation. Simply install web apps like WordPress, Joomla!.

100% Uptime Guarantee

With multiple datacenter locations, redundant cooling, emergency generators and monitoring.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

With SSDs, your website, caching, and database queries are faster by our calculations.

Award-Winning Support

No question is too simple, or too complex for our team of experts. Synergistically synergize.

24/7 Expert Hosting Support Our Customers Love

Objectively innovate high compellingly maintain progressively pursue mission-critical information quality imperatives.

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Your Ultimate LiteSpeed Hosting Solution

LiteSpeed is a web server, that is, it is an engine that returns content to the user who visited the site, and its main advantage is performance thanks to the HTTP/3 QUIC protocol. Also includes cPanel!

Do you want an optimal download speed? LiteSpeed hosting is your solution!

If you have a website with high traffic, and the usual hosting equipment is weak, the intermediate step between hosting and VPS is LiteSpeed Hosting! This solution allows you to give more power to hosting (CPU and RAM) without transferring everything to a VPS. For example, if you have an online store and you think that you will have a lot of visits because of the Christmas campaign, Black Friday or other specific dates, a very good option is to rent a LiteSpeed hosting to dynamically configure your resources. It is needed so as not to lose either visits or sales.

As the name suggests, thanks to its «lightness», we can dynamically expand and compress CPU and RAM cores at any time. If we are web hosting resellers, we can also formulate these plans to dynamically assign various resources to our customers, such as CPU, RAM, and even disk, thanks to WHM, which is installed by default. Each cPanel account comes with 1 core and 2 GB of RAM by default, we can request an extension to 8 cores and 16 GB of RAM to get an avalanche of visits to our website, since the volume is not unlimited, but limited by hardware. where is the physical web server itself. If you need more than 8 cores, you need to buy a VPS directly.

Why order our LiteSpeed hosting?

Below we will describe in a concise form the best advantages of using this type of hosting from our company alexhost!

The license is included

LiteSpeed is not free, in fact it is quite expensive, but the license is paid at the server level, and we include it in your hosting so that you can maximize the potential of your site installed on the cPanel server.


The most popular CMS, such as WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, Joomla or Drupal, have the ability to integrate their cache directly with LiteSpeed, which further improves performance.


quic.cloud is a CDN and image optimization service offered by LiteSpeed. But the best thing is that the node they have in EU is provided by us in our network!!!


Security is also a strength of LiteSpeed, it allows you to mitigate L7 DDoS attacks and includes reCAPTCHA functions and country-by-country protection, configurable via .htaccess.

Why is it important that my website is hosted in Europe?

Because your customers and users are also from Europe. When a user visits your site, packets pass through the Internet, making transitions through different points of the network. The further away the user is from the target server, the packets will have to make more transitions, and, consequently, the delay/ping will be higher (they will take longer to be delivered). Hosting your website in Europe will have the best access time.

Our servers are located in Chisinau (in our own data center).

A user who lives within Europe and gets access to our servers has a delay of less than 5 milliseconds.

The difference is noticeable. Don’t be shy! Place your sites with our hosting.

Frequently Asked Queries

Efficiently productivate reliable paradigms before ubiquitous models. Continually utilize frictionless expertise whereas tactical relationships. Still have questions? Contact us

Yes, the difference in performance is enormous. You will see that your web page loads instantly, and the TTFB (time to the first byte) is less than 50 ms. Everything flies, and if your site has optimization problems, it will definitely help you thanks to LiteSpeed Cache.
In SEO, everything matters, and it is well known that a fast site ranks better than a slow one. Without a doubt, with LiteSpeed your website will load faster than on another web server.
NO. LiteSpeed is fully compatible with Apache, so you won't have any problems when migrating your site from another hosting provider. If you have security concerns, you can contact us to evaluate your specific case.
Yes, LiteSpeed is available on our managed VPS servers.
LiteSpeed or, more precisely, LiteSpeed Web Server is an excellent and very effective alternative to Apache, which allows you to save system resources without compromising the performance, security, compatibility or usability of the server. It can be used as a replacement for Apache as it can serve thousands of clients/users at the same time with minimal memory and CPU usage. The LiteSpeed server is used to display web pages. In most cases, it is safer, faster, more reliable and more efficient than Apache. However, this does not mean that Apache servers significantly lose performance and security. LiteSpeed was created from scratch to combine the best of both architectures. Event-driven architecture, such as nginx and Apache compatibility.htaccess. Both servers are compatible with each other, which allows migration between them.